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Baridilo Samuel
No: 52 Diobu port Harcourt
Hallmark3@gmail com
January 3, 2022

Vicdoc Alex
Human Resource Manager
400 Mercy land Ave, Port Harcourt

Dear Vicdoc Alex


I am writing to express my interest and intention for the position of director logistics and operation here at Vicdoc Alex. Over the period of ten years I worked as an operational director in the shipping sector but have seen great change and transformation in the mining sector. I truly believe that my years of experience will be relevant as regards the role and position I choose to apply for. I really know and hope about this huge opportunity to help increase, improve and bring about the best towards the mining industry.
During my time as a director of operation at the maritime sector, I learned a lot about various individual background and how it affect behavior at a giving time and period in respect to workforce and these left me with no choice but evident that not every one working in the same organization has the same mindset, passion and dream toward the growth of the establishment thereby making them to act in such a way and manner that does not contribute to the progress of the institution. As a director of operation at Justlink where I worked, I devoted my time and identify the best format/ method for each person or worker’s based on the survey collected and recorded. Many organization in Nigeria, most director don’t show up at operational site often not because they don’t want to but for the fact that they are deeply engage with work activities or the other. However irrespective of my office responsibilities I still fine time to be at the site/ base, and it on this note I discover that workers prefer been serious when seeing the director. I worked with staff to adjust and plan on way forward, possible ways to overcome work challenges. I believe with my skills and abilities to commitment, communication and collaboration to the need of workers. I will make a great land mark in the system. I also believe that important lesions be tailored to each other’s as co- workers and will work hard in ensuring that each abide the spirit of oneness and as one big family which I really believe will help in implementing more effective policies.
Thank you for taking time to learn, more about my professional background, am great-full and exited to have opportunity to make an impact as a director of operation. I truly appreciate your consideration and look forward for your responds soon.
Yours faithfully
Bardilo Samuel

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