Job Format In Nigeria



Understand the job description when writing your job application letter, read carefully the job posting. Be aware with the necessary experience and skills required for the position you are applying for. Identify the qualifications you have and ways you can use to address them throughout your application letter.
Your application letter should also be specific on the kind of requirements that suites the job position, these is very important and thus must take note of that.
Make Further Findings about the Job and Its Organization
Identify term goals and values that is similar to the company, ministry or institution. Every organization may have different focus, objectives and mission which makes it better to research about the organization if applying for a job. Examples: when writing an application letter to a maritime company it is very important and necessary you outline your passion towards safety of life and place high value on human and other equipment. You also highlight good behavior, co-operation with crew members, peace loving individual and kind heart person. Please take note; indicate time factor because its well valid therefore must include how you keep to time. If applying for a government owned ministry then you include your believe and drive for accountability and sustainability.


This is an important key which many applicants don’t really know about when writing a job application is expected you make your point and facts in a well, planned and simple language that will be easier to understand when reading through your application letter by your interviewer or hiring officer. Try to write only between one to five paragraphs and then include relevant information or details.

HIGHLIGHT EXPERIENCE: Nigeria is one of the country in the world today that value experience which is been described as the best is also through experience Nigerian’s tend to place or rate value, level of trust and change. all jobs as at current state of the nation(Nigeria)today needs and want a person with work experience which some goes as far to specify the number of years of experience one has before applying. However many Nigerians tend to disqualify themselves simply because they feel that they have never been employed by any well recognized institutions thus find it worthless to apply for a particular position listed. Experience could be any place you have ever managed before either teaching, sales boy or girl, those who served their masters during their period of acquiring a live long skills includes the national youth service corps program of the federal government of Nigeria can also serve as an experience because at this period you were given a specific job portion or duty to perform within the time of service. During when such took place it is an experience and should be highlighted

CONCLUSION: this is where you express hope, and interest in the position you apply for and then use the opportunity to thank the employer for the time and kind gesture and lastly you express optimize about getting the job. After which you drop your pen.


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