Appreciation in Nigeria

professional format for Job’s application in Nigeria.

  • indicate your Address, Email , phone number and date .

This is the begging and heading of your letter. Here you give proper address of where you live after which you indicate your current email, address, your phone numbers follows and date .

  • Identify  The Recipient Name And Address

After writing your own address at the top of the letter, with email, phone number and date then you proceed to full name of the recipients.

please Note: 

( The recipients is the person or office you are addressing to) Also you write the full address of the institution you are applying to. After which you title the office under such as ( dear sir/ma).

  • Indicate The Subject

A subject here capture what the application stand for which can be refer to the body of your application letter . It is at this point where the employer understand the content of your letter.

  • Introduce yourself

Here you bring to the notice of the organization whom you are by making proper identification of you with full name written in capital letters, your level of education, your passion, drive , skills and other abilities you may have by placing yourself of high moral values and ensure that your grammar is error free and maintain a good standard of communication so to make you look different from the others in search of the same job.

  • Indicate Your Interest For The Position

After making introduction of whom you are ,  your potential and moral then you move further to indicate your interest for the job. Here you give necessary reason why you are the best for the position available in regards to your qualifications. It is at this point you give every reason why you should be the first among all.

  • Identify Your Background And Focus On Your Qualifications

In Nigeria, background of an individual contribute a lot towards the attachment of one’s progress because it reflect and truly make the individual quite different from others however should be show case when writing a professional job application letter thus is valued and should be regarded .

Qualifications is another important factor to be considered when writing a professional application letter. Your qualifications is a volume and voice to your personality as a person. This reviews who you are, what abilities you have , in reference to your hard work as a an individual. Almost every job today in Nigeria requires a qualifications in order for them to critically examine such individual, what he has and what he or she can offer towards the growth and achievement in respect to the set goals and objectives of the organization.

  • End With Believe And Distinguish Yourself From Others

This is the last stage of the application, at this point you acknowledge the management of the company with regards to their outstanding reputation hereby giving them the vote of thanks they deserve also let them know how important the job will be to you .

Distinguishing yourself from others here simply means placing more value to yourself, show casing what you have that many don’t have hence it gives you more upper hands and make you stand to get the job, not just a job but the desire position in particular.

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