Business plan in Nigeria

Business plan In Nigeria

How to start a business in Nigeria as a young graduate deploy to the labour market with a lot of competition outside. However considering the nature of our economy and the system of our government that does not even pay attention to youth and the environment where young graduate are not easily given or grant the access to loans .Also  Considering the lack of job’s opportunities for youth , thereby making the standard of living very hard, difficult and uncomfortable for the Young graduate out. However, as one who pass through school with lot of knowledge which can not only be dependent on government promising job’s or multi national companies.

Here are some business one can single handedly build, manage and effectively run it without much over stress or labour and still make good money out of it .

Real state company

As record may have it , real estate company as at currently today in Nigeria is said to be one of the leading company or business taking over there federation and also one of the fastest growing business in the world with less risk and lots of success or achievement.

Real estate is a company that does not require much funding depending on the height and level one wish to operate, however despite the findings or less cash , one can or will still make life out of the business.


As a real estate agent your duty is to serve as a middle man between the sellers and that  of the buyer’s. You also act as a representative when negotiating price and also when sales is been made, thereby tend or to receive a commission on the property sold. You equally get paid weekly or monthly bases based on the numbers of business deal you sale or bring to the table.

As agent is said to be a property reseller with the mandate and power given to him by the owner , you walk hand in hand with the owner in regards to relevant information to the said properties which may at some point be appreciated or devalue based on the owner’s decision.

As a young graduate who venture into the labour market or the real estate world with little knowledge and strategy may also fine it difficult at some point unlike one who has spend more year’s on it,  but however it can pay off extremely well in a few years to come which requires commitment and hard work.

Steps on how to start up a real estate company

Have a business plan

These is usually where the foundation of every business is build on. When starting or establishing a business then you have to properly make a business plan, these business plan include


Your mission is a set of objectives, what you tend to achieve and ways  by which this could be achieved. Your mission gives details about the organization intention and purpose, your mission statement support and compliment your vision thereby  serve to communicate purpose and directions to customer’s, vendors and other’s.


This is also very important in every business, before you consider to start up a real estate company, you must have a vision about the business, knowing fully well that the competition on the labour market is very much, your vision helps you with the driving force to attain a greater heights more than those who have been on the business for years before your coming.

Your vision is said to be a vivid mental image of what you want your company to look like in the future based on your aspirations and set goals , you give a clear focus , heading and direction.

Register your company.

In Nigeria today a lot of frued activities has been carried out by most person’s who claims to be into real estate business and have used the means to collect money from buyer’s with the hope and believe that they are genuine and thus trusted. Because of this activities a lot of Business tend to lose customers as a result of this act .for your company to fully operate and gain ground as one of the leading company then there is every need for you to register your company with the Nigeria corporate affairs commission (CAC)

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