Application points in Nigeria

Application point in Nigeria

1. Focus On Your Abilities And Skills

This simply means when writing a job application you should channel attention to the areas of your strength. It is very important when applying for a job because it makes you stand out and more qualify for the said job. In Nigeria today almost every company and government owned ministries wants to employ young fresh graduate with additional skills to enable them growth and contribute meaningfully to the organization, thus getting a well paying jobs in Nigeria without a skills is very rear to get. For every fresh graduate in Nigeria irrespective of your filed of study in the university, it is essence , necessary and mandatory to have an additional skill. however is mostly advisable to learn a skills while in the university to be able to get your desired dream job and if already have it is a pule and energy should be focus on the area.

2.The Job Keyword

When applying for job in Nigeria you must be attentive to the job description, degree mention and areas of specifications regarding to the vacancy of the position in need of. While most person don’t get called after applying for a job in Nigeria is simply because of this. Example; if a company or ministry is in need of a psychologist or accountant which is spelled out on the website or bill board and as young graduate in search of job to be able to fit in the outside world or market, it is important to properly go through the required certification for such job, however the absent of this may amount to such person not been able to get the job simply because the job description was not well understood or lack the basic requirement for the job thereby end up not getting the job.

3.Your Letter Should Be Address To The Appropriate Office Or Authority

At times in Nigeria most person’s don’t get employ at the end of the whole process not because their application letter was not well written or typed nor had grammatical errors but because the letter was address to the wrong office and therefore has been sent to the office being address to and this usually occur often. You must verify the office in charge and channel your letter to such office in order to get things right.

4.the format of the application must be professional

This is also an important factor to be consider when writing a job application. In Nigeria most governmental owned institutions and companies have adopted the western pattern in selecting who work for them. a well arranged application format for young job sicker gives you a pass mark when checked at your absent or present.  letter of application should be sent or given to professional body in charge of curriculum vita which is also known as CV.

Most person get disqualify not because they were not well equipped ,fit for the job or office but not been called because of the format of their job application which was not really  impressive. For every one in Nigeria looking for a job, your application format speaks for you even when not call for interview and should be regarded as an important tools .

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