Application Letter in Nigeria

Application Letter in Nigeria

This is usually where the problems of many Nigerians start in search for job.
First when applying for a job in Nigeria particularly, the letter must be in order with your own address at the top indicating your email, phone numbers and date.
Secondly you address to the company or organization where you are applying to with the full name of the company and to the office to attend to your application such as the human resources manager or personal manager as the case may be. After which you put dear sir/ma under the address of the office to be summited to.
Body of Application Letter

You start with the body of the letter such as the application of the job with full capital letters. The body of your application letter makes the employer know what position you are applying for.
The first paragraph you introduce yourself such as, I am clement jack a native of umudike, in iheala local government area of Imo state, Nigeria.
You also indicate your personal Qualifications in respect to other of your skills if any.
Example: the degree you have (PHD,MSC B.Sc., HND ,NCE or WAEC).

Middle Page

At this point you indicate the main point of applying for the job and also state your reason why you should be the only qualify person to occupy the position. You also state your mission, strength in regards to how you will work in hand with the authorities of the company to ensure that the set goals and objectives of the organization is meant and indicate how to work in accordance to respect rules and regulation guiding the peaceful conduct of the company. You also site previous place where you have work before, measures put in place, office occupied before. You also let the company, organization or ministry to know how useful you will be to them and what they stand to achieve if been giving the chance and opportunity to work. You let them know that in cases and aspect where they have failed as a company or ministry that with their maximum co-operation all that was lost will be regain through your hard work and commitment.


At this point, you sincerely thank the management of the company or ministry you apply to by letting them know that you are or still await for their responds in respect of the job applied for, also letting them know that employing you to their company or ministry will never be a waste of time nor regret their action. You also appreciate the board with confidence build with them and believe that the right thing will be done because of the reputation they have as an organization. After which you sign as follows
Yours faithfully or
Yours sincerely
Name: them sign
Phone number.
When all of this is clearly stated with errors free from writing or typed work them you are fit and set to go summit and be rest assured that you stand a better chance to gain such employment.

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