Top paying jobs in Nigeria

In the bid to disconcerting poverty rate in Nigeria. Many Nigeria earns very well in the remuneration from their choose discipline. Some profession earns millions in their respective areas. This well-paying jobs in Nigeria is highly influenced based on education certificate, experience as well as skills. It cut across public and private establishment as well as businesses too. Also these high paying job’s offer’s exciting perks, benefit and workers attractive wages.
Here you will learn about some well-paying jobs in Nigeria, their pay and mode of payment including others incentive and how you can secure one.
Due to lack of job’s in Nigeria many Nigerian’s have consider teaching mostly for young graduate which earn them some pay, while most payment or school’s pay at a very low prize based on their location.
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Project manager
How much do they earn?
N140, 000 – 500, 000
Roles of a project manager
He coordinate, create work endorsement plans, activities, schedule and spending plan within the scope.

How to become one

If you want to become a project manager in Nigeria then you certainly need a degree in project management and be confirm by the association of project management board and the institute of project management
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