Things you must know about job Application

Nigeria Job Application Format

What Is an Application?
Application is a document that complement the curriculum vita and give direction to what you are applying for. It is through your application your employer know more about your goals, views and professional accomplishment. In every government owned institutions and private companies in Nigeria which requires an applicant to write an application which will be summited or transmitted through any provided means in other for him/ her to be interviewed and them decide on the next line of action by the management or board.

Things to be included when writing a job application letters in Nigeria

When beginning your application first, you address the office such as the permanent secretary ministry of works, please note: the writing of the letter must be on the left side of the application letter after which you include your own address under at the right side of the letter with your email address phone numbers and date as follows. After establishing the front statement by addressing to the office in charge then you further apply as follows which goes this format Example: APPLICATION FOR THE POSITION OF AN OFFICE ASSISTANT with capital letters all through. It will interest you to know that without this your application letter has no direction as to what job you are looking for and therefor may disqualify you during the process of interview.

Make research about the organization

For you to be able to know the interest and motive of the organization , you need to make research about the company and study it very well. It is at this point you make your first impression by going directly to the areas of their weakness and ensure that you raise fact and ideas that will be of concern to them, however don’t be brash about it. You also raise a resume and then craft your application letter thereby make more nuance to the key points with attributes that you will bring if giving opportunity.

What jobs are you applying for: in every job vacancy there’s always a specific position in question which is declared for applicant to occupy, thus attention should be channel toward the area in order to indicate your interest accord.
In addition to this fact and information,

include any other information that could be relevant about yourself that will be applicable to the job you are hunting for. If also any honor or award has been giving to you in respect to your performance toward the nature of the job you are currently looking for, them it is very important you point it out and include it on your application letter format as it you boost your personality and also earn you more respect if giving opportunity to work. All of this is to include relevant content and value to your application letter so as to stand out compared to other applicant.

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