Federal government approve loans


Special Intervention Fund/ Approved loans.

The federal government of Nigeria through the ministry of finance and humanitarian have establishe a special fund raising platform where mini scale business men and women can therefore access loans to improve and increase the standard of their business. These loans provide short term and interest free capital loans which intent  to bridge the gap and time when the hits of business comes and also help to secured a long term Recovery.

The objectives of the program

As part of plans and efforts to reduce the rate of poverty in Nigeria, the federal government thought it wise to provide support to hard working and brilliant Nigerian’s with relevant skills and therefore choose to establish a program responsible for granting and assisting young citizens in order to boost and enhance their business with little or no internet rate. It may interest to know that the  sole aim of of this program is to promote the standard of living within the country and also help to reduce social vises, boost the economy and that of security not undermining education , health , housing and others.

Apply for your 2022 government approved loans with no collateral or Guarantor



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