Nigeria Maritime Administration And Safety Agency Recruitment 2022

Nigeria Maritime And Safety Agency (NIMASA) Recruitments

These agency was establish on the core mandate to the enthronement of global best practices with the provision of Maritime service in Nigeria. This board has been proactive and effective on Maritime labour regulations, ensuring safety of life at sea for seafarers within it coast, regulations of Maritime pollution and prevention control . The sector also takes charge and responsible for the enforcement of cabotage, certification for seafarers, enhance the development of shipping and registration as well.

Objectives of NIMASA

1. Strategies, promote and research to proactive participate for global affairs.

2. To under study centric framework on current world affairs.

3. To be one of the leading and best world class on training, certification and research centre.

4. To effectively research for Africa’s participation in international and global engagement affairs.

5. Processes and impact on all angles of the sector and to also promote globalization.

6. To advance training on development affairs.

7. To issue certificate of competency and proficiency to trainees

8. To regularly host seminars on workshops in accordance with global standard.

9. Report, document journals and publish.


As one of the regulating agencies in Nigeria on Maritime sector on sea as it regards to shipping, the Nigeria Maritime administration and safety agency engage on global advocacy and consultancy to help promote the emergency of a just and equitable system.

To also promote pan African veiw on conduct and management of global affairs.

To build a strong and reliable structure in administration on global stage.

To achieve, secure shipping, sustain safe course and enhance capacity with best global practice.

Difference between Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, Nigeria port Authority and the National In-Land  Waterways. 

One of the major factors and challenge that deeply affect the Maritime sector in Nigeria is the duplication of activities and functions by various agencies.

Basically these agencies have a situation in which they all invest with similar platforms and work independently.

The Nigeria Maritime administration and safety agency regulate and takes charge of deep sea in respect to shipping in the country.

The Nigeria port Authority implement the rules and regulations on the mode of operations. While the National In-Land Waterways carry out the function of survey on Rivers and chart as well as Rivers mapping. However the development, efforts and synergies have remained the agreement on safety and precaution on our waterways as it affects the creeks and Rivers therefore cause demage to the ordinary fishermen, women and boat operators .

purpose for establishing these agencies

The main purpose for the establishment of these different agencies on the marinetime sector is simply for the safety of life at sea and that of security on our waterways. Due to the regular attacks on our waterways which claim life’s and lack of basic knowledge about the rules and regulations guilding or governing the waterways, these agencies engage in creating awareness to help reduce the rate of accident and other social vises on sea  that may occur during their course. They also work in accordance with the international Maritime organization (IMO) regulations, procedure, standard and protocol and ensure total compliance in order to help save and protect life at sea’s.

In Nigeria today, considering the challenges before the country in respect to pirate and other criminal activities which has created a lot of reactions by citizens of the country let to the creation of these agencies to help minimize the rate of these activities on our water ways.

Activities of the National In-Land Waterways (NIWA)

They are equipped with the numbers of vessel operating ferry service.

NIWA ensures and assess the environment in regards to safe navigation within the water ways.

Issues license for inland navigation to jetties operators and piers.

Examine the inland shipyard and grant permit for dredging and approval of pipelines construction.

Regulate the inland port and jetties which undertakes capital and maintenance.

NIWA receive derelicts , obstruction from inland waterways and clear other harmful object.

Monitor and regulate boat operators, maintain, construct and also dockyard service.

key point to note about NIMASA

When applying for employment in the Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, there are a lot of things to be consider. These including getting the right information and at the right time,

However  thef information will help you get employment

Read:Things you must know about job application

steps to take when applying for employment at NIMASA

* Your credentials must be available when called upon.

*  Summit your application letter a week before the closing date

*. Always visit the site or portal regularly.

Requirement for 2022 

1. Applicant must  know how to communicate efficiently including reading and writing.

2. All applicant must posses a degree or equivalent in engineering registrable with the council for the regulations of engineering in Nigeria (COREN) in addition to class.

3. Certificate of competency (Engineering) from a recognized institution with at least eighteen (18) years of work experience.s

4. Applicant must posses valid certificate, documentation and current certificate of medical fitness report.

5. Applicant must be a computer literate.

these article provide you with relevant information on NIMASA job recruitment 2022.

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