Why Ameachi is the most qualify candidate to rule Nigeria by Senator Ali Ndume

Ameachi The Best Qualify candidate to Rule Nigeria says Senator Ali Ndume

The chairman Senate committee on Army who doubles as the director general (DG) of Rotimi chibuike Ameachi campaign has describe the formal governor of Rivers State and current minister of transportation as the only Qualify person to take over from president Buhari . The senator therefore express hope that Rotimi chibuike Ameachi will take Nigeria to a greater heights, a country where each and everyone will truly be proud off, a country where  rules, norms and regulations will be highly obeyed and respected. The DG said Ameachi has the energy and leadership quality including the intellect needed to rule this country. The senator made these statements when addressing party faithful and citizens of Nigeria during the weekend which he said that he was part of those who asked the honorable minister of transportation to run for the office of the president of our dear country, knowing fully well that chibuike Ameachi will do very well in area  of infrastructure thereby have every right to will his support for him as the Senator describe Rotimi chibuike Ameachi ambition  as”His Project”

Senator Ali Ndume also describe Ameachi as one of the most influential politician in Nigeria. Ndume highlighted the personal life and political history of chibuike Ameachi including his abilities in respect to pervious position held. the DG stated that chibuike Ameachi was once a secretary of the now defunct national Republican convention in Ikwerre local government Area of Rivers State.

Once a special Assistance to the Deputy Governor of Rivers State, once a secretary of the then Democratic party of Nigeria (DPN)

Ameachi also double as a two time speaker of the Rivers State house of Assembly and two times chairman of speakers

Furher more he held the position of the executive Governor of Rivers State which he completed his two term in office, he was also elected as two times  chairman Nigeria Governors forum. After which he was appointed a Director General of the All progressive Congress (APC) in 2015 for  presidential campaign which brough president Buhari into power.

Because of the love , passion and commitment for his party the All progressive Congress, Ameachi was Re-appointed as Director General in 2019 election for the re-election of president Buhari for a second term in office, a position Ameachi willingly accepted, hence ensure that the president under his watch as DG returns back to office. Due to his hard work and consistence in party affairs and as regards to quality and good governance , chibuike Ameachi was appointed as one of the super star minister of Nigeria. During the first term in office , chibuike Ameachi was one of the best minister who performed beyond expectation. Ameachi was Re-appointed also for a second term in office as a minister of transportation to enable him complete his outstanding project towards the transportation sector . Today understand his watch as a transportation minister the rainway stations in Nigeria and the Maritime sector has received a lot of attention which places the sector as one of the leading sector and power house ho our dear country.

some of chibuike Ameachi’s  Achivements as a Governor of Rivers State

In the then Rivers State before the arrival of chibuike Ameachi, Rivers State was one of the state in Nigeria that lacks good security structure, less investment in education, lack of equipment and structures for quality healthcare delivery, poor power supplies, bad roads, less investment on agriculture and no regards to human capital development project. Chibuike Ameachi came into power when Rivers State was at a brink of anarchy, due to activities of various cult and militia as well as the Niger Delta militants. Under the prevailing curclumstance of fear which forced several multinationals to leave Rivers State thereby affected the state income and thus caused hardship and low standard of living in the state.  Ameachi vowed to restore law, enforce order and bring back the peace the state may enjoy where the ordinary men and women including children as well as residents of Rivers State will be able to go about their normal daily activities.  A promise chibuike Ameachi fullfil by giving full support and rendering logistics to security agencies as well as equipment, training of anti terror squad  security officers oversea to help enhance the security institution and capacity of Rivers State to effectively protect and provide security for all residents of Rivers State.

Prior to the education in Rivers State which was neglected over the years in providing basic infrastructures in over 1,300 primary Schools owned by the state government with only six classroom each. The Rivers State educational system experience total break down with dilapidated roofs and children where overcrowded within the classroom and sat on a bare floor to learn with just a common sight .

Ameachi desire to reverse the situation which he declared a state of emergency on education which he rebuild and reconstructed over 500 schools out of 700 planned. These also include new modern 14 classrooms primary school where he retrained over 6000 thousand teacher’s and recruited over 13,000 teachers into  classroom. students in Rivers State where given free uniforms , free text books, school sandals ,free school bags and books. The administration of chibuike Ameachi also engage several hundred of Rivers indigenes and non- indigenes who benefited from the Rivers State government to study overseas ranging from undergraduate to post graduate under the scholarship scheme which made Rivers State to rank the world book capital.

Ameachi also address issues as regards to quality of healthcare service in the state, Ameachi built over 110 new health center across the state , located in all the wards of the state with modern facilities and equipment. He also built a special referral center in Port Harcourt popularly called Prof. Kelsey Harrison hospital and Dental maxillo fascial hospital through the memorial which remains a shadow of itself.

Ameachi also constructed a modern school of nursing in the state to help boost the healthcare delivery.

To tackle the problem of traffic in Rivers State which was caused by bad road , Ameachi constructed and expanded the state roads from single Lane to double lanes , built flyovers within the major areas and locations in Rivers State. Chibuike Ameachi is been describe today in Rivers State as the chief master planner .

In the quest to increase food productivity in the state and also a means to create employment thereby generating more income to the state , Ameachi establish the Songhai farm initiative to develop an integrated farm which combines livestock’s, arable farming, fisheries, snails and poultry. Ameachi also further develop modern fish farm in Buguma which has over 1000 tonnes per year. Others include production of bananas for commercial purpose and Risonpalm estate.

Senator Ndume noted that while Ameachi was the governor of Rivers State he recorded a remarkable Achivements in increasing the state internally generated revenue from N2billion to N7billion per month..

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