Nigerian worker’s lamented over poor standard of living

more life challenges as the ordinary Nigerian feed below a dollar per day_says Nigerian labour Congress

As  every 1st of May is marked arcross the globe for worker’s day celebration which is also known as the international labour day. The Nigerian worker’s has expressed deep concern as the country is still struggling in the bid for good governance after several years of Independence.

The Nigerian labour Congress noted that a successive administration and leaders across all levels of government in Nigeria have promised good living environment to enhance workers condition including improvement of the country economy but over these years , government of Nigeria had failed to fullfil the promise and mandate as a government. The workers bemoaned the pitiable condition of Nigerians and their livelihoods.

The labour leader who spoke at the workers day celebration, highlighted the high rate of unemployment ranging from WAEC holders down to Phd holders, the galloping inflection in the economy with devaluation of our country currency thereby causing low wages, insecurity and social vises, high standards of living including comatose education and a failing healthcare service delivery to Nigerians and of indices that have made life more grueling for all living and doing business as well as it residents.

The Nigerian worker’s therefore urged government at all levels to speedy address these niggling issues as a matter of urgency handle it decisively and urgently.

The president, Trade union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) Mr Quadri Olaleye however noted the inactive of full participation of Nigerian worker’s for the past few general election held in the country, describe the act as partly responsible. The leader also faulted that the pitiable condition the Nigerian worker’s is currently facing today especially in the areas of minimum wage which the federal government has implemented for federal workers which has not be implemented in some state within the country.

Olaleye also noted that the union is mobilising it members across the country to get involved and participate fully towards the forthcoming general election in 2023 to elect good leaders that will be up and doing in matters and issues that concern the Nigerian worker’s and Nigerians respectively.

The Theme for this year may day celebration is  Labour, politics and Quest for good governance and development in Nigeria. Similarly the Lagos State council of the Nigerian labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade union Congress (TUL)  who spoke through it chairman Mr Gbenga Ekundayo of the Lagos State Trade union Congress, said that the Theme for these year workers day celebration was about how labour could galvanized the common man to get involved in these forthcoming general election come 2023 to elect good leaders that could move these country forward.

In addition to that, the Trade union chairman noted that the Trade union Congress has set up a commission to help galvanized and mobilize the masses across all the zone to participate in order to elect the very best for our dear country .

The chairman also said that the “Theme is on how the labour can get involved in the political space so that we can have good governance,  control , direct and change the narrative of who get into power and to ensure that the best are elected to give us the around development that Nigerians desires, through the provision of good water, good roads, rail network, good Waterways for alternative transportation, provision of constant electricity support and adequate healthcare service among others.

The chairman said when we have good people in government, piloting the affairs of our dear nation with the right vision and mission as well as developmental projects including good governance then we can be rest assured that this year 2022 worker’s day celebration have produce remarkable results.

Ekundayo advised Nigerian worker’s to be more serious, committed and steadfast, adding that enough of sitting by and expect miracle to happen.

On the bid for the may day really in Abuja the nation capital, the president of the Nigerian labour Congress (NLC)  called on Taraba state government, cross Rivers State government to as a matter of urgency commence the payment of arrears of national minimum wage owed to their workers. The president of the Nigerian labour Congress also called on Abia state government to immediately clear the arrears of pensioners who have serve and contributed towards the growth and development of their state.

The Nigerian labour union also pledged to embark on a three day warming strike if the federal government fail to meet up the demands of the Academic staff union of universities (ASUU). The union therefore issued a 21-day ultimatum to federal government if don’t comply . The Nigeria Senate also issued a statement yesterday for speedy and amicable resolution between federal government and the Academic staff union of universities through the Senate president, Ahmed lawan when appealing in his congratulatory message to the Nigerian worker’s on the May day celebration. The Nigeria Senate president says that the Nigeria workers deserve appreciation and respect for their hard work and contribution towards the national growth .

The leader of the civil society and women’s rights activist , Dr Abiola Afolabi said that there was the need for the Nigerian worker’s to rebuild alliance to address lingering issues facing the country .

These year celebration was describe as a sober reflection and change for dynamics of Nigerians. The president of the petroleum and Natural gas senior staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) Mr Festus Osifo called on the government of Nigeria to address the issues before the country to avoid disaster.

The petroleum and Natural gas worker’s (NUPENG) describe the injustice and Inhumane including the working condition that continued to unabated the Nigerian worker’s. The union thereby condemned the most unfortunate and avoidable death and inferno at an illegal refinery in Forest . NUPENG therefore called on the federal government to rise up and leave to their expectations and responsibilities in order to avoid loss of revenue.

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