flooding in Nigeria

Flooding in Nigeria

As the raining season approaches, the Nigerian government at various levels in collaboration with it agencies are on the move to ensure that residents and citizens of Nigeria abide, respect the rules, procedures and regulations of the United Nations report on flooding.

Flood usually occur in Nigeria during the raining season as scientist have strongly believe and deeply observe that one of the major causes of flood in our community may be linked as a result of blockage on our drainage and lack of canes which makes it very difficult for water to easily access the nearest bank or Rivers around.

The Nigerian government through it ministries and all other sisters agencies as well as opinion leaders, traditional leaders and stakeholders are taking proactive measures to sensitize and create awareness to the general public to obey every instructions as regards to the regulations and management of flood in other to arrest and address these issues of flooding within the country.

The federal government also mandated the the ministry of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development to fully commerce the training of it personnel and get prepared for the flood emergency, rescue of flood victims as well as rehabilitation centers across the federation.

following the prediction of rainfall made public by the Nigeria Meteorological Agency which they said with all indication , the raining season is expected to fall heavily till November  2022 as such the probable flood levels will be very high.

The research also indicate that about 100 residential buildings across the major mapped states and communities will be submerged and over 1,500 people will be rendered homeless if not properly managed or control before we full step into the raining season.

the research also shows that there will be a lot of loss on cash crops amounting to billions of naria and therefore will aid the high increase of food price in the market. the federal government also urge the agencies to make provision for food palliatives and commence proper clearing of the government internally displaced person’s camps ( IDP) to help accommodate those that will be affected by the flood.

the federal government also urge the the ministry of health to try their possible best to assist citizen and resident that will be affected by this flood hence causing diseases, and injures as the report shown that children will be the most affected ones.

the federal government of Nigeria also urge all Telecommunication houses to assist in disseminating information when necessary as it will help boost the quality of service delivery towards these cost.

the federal government also said that they have be alerted by the intensity of the rainfall at the peak of food in respect to this season as it regards to the release of dams from the neighboring communities such as the Niger, Cameroon and Benin republic which resulted  from the River Benin and River Niger overflow respectively.


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