South-South Officially Declares Support For Chibuike Ameachi

We are confident that Chibuike Ameachi will Transform Nigeria to a better place, says South south leaders.

The South-south leaders has officially declared chibuike Ameachi as their most trusted son to run for the position of the president following his Achivements as a Governor and that of a minister. These decision came after the opinion leaders and the south south  region engage in a meeting that lasted for hours over the weekend in Port Harcourt. After much hours of delibrating , the region therefore declare support for chibuike Ameachi describing him as the light, legend and true reflection of a Niger Deltan hence will fully mobilize all well meaning Nigerians to throw their vote and weight behind chibuike Ameachi. The Region said, chibuike Ameachi deserves the love , care and support of all Nigerians as this is the only way we can truly elect someone who will perform and transform these country .

The group said, chibuike Ameachi is preferred because of his immense contribution towards the development of our dear country Nigeria as well as success recorded to the All progressive Congress (APC).

The south south leaders said they have been able to identify Ameachi to take over the mantle of leadership when the president Buhari leaves office come 2023.

The region also said that chibuike Ameachi stand out in many regards when taken a cursory look at the numerous Achivements made with various positions held. The south south leaders said Ameachi is a bridge builder who will serve as unifying factor of the country especially at these time when there are many agitation in different parts of the country. The region therefore noted that Ameachi is courageous and remains one of the great personality this country has. The region stressed that they are fully aware of the role chibuike Ameachi played during 2015 election with the amount of pressure and propaganda leveled against him , but he was committed and ensuring that president Buhari wins the election as well as the All progressive Congress (APC) to come into power. The group also recognized other key and stakeholders who contributed in every effort possible which can not be overemphasize. The south south leaders said chibuike Ameachi if not for any reason should be given the opportunity to rule this country with the fact that he is young, vibrant, visionary, a focused man, results – oriented and vastly experienced in governance which the youth and citizens of Nigerian are advocating for.

The group said that chibuike Ameachi giant records and massive investment in infrastructure project will yield economic growth and grant financial return to Nigerians. The south south leaders charge everyone to join hand with the frontiers for peace , unity and ape to actualise a peaceful, United and developed Nigerian. They also said, chibuike Ameachi is prudent in any office he found himself hence the crave for a better Nigeria lies on every well meaning Nigerians.

The Niger Deltan group stressed that Nigeria must get it right this time around and mobilize to ensure the victory of Ameachi come 2023 of we are to be counted amongst the great Nations of the world in his term as president of Nigeria

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