Edo State Government Fulfilled It Promise Of 40,000 Minimum wage

Edo State Fulfill It Promise On Workers Minimum wage

On may 1st , 2022 celebration of Workers day across the globe. The Edo state chapter of the Nigeria labour Congress (NLC) and other sisters Union in the state express their worries over lack of implementation of the minimum wage passed by the federal government of Nigeria. The minimum wage in Nigeria was about 18,000 which does not meet up the standard of living within the country, due to these , the Nigeria labour Congress thereby appeal to the federal government to increase the minimum wage to 30,000 as to help improve the level and standard of living for Nigerian worker’s.

After much consideration by the federal government with comments from different stakeholders,  traditional leaders and public opinion, therefore pass it into law. However some state fines it very difficult to implement the minimum wage to it  workers in various States of the country, hence  causing low standard of living within it state  workers and pensioners as well.

During the may 1st workers day celebration at Edo state command of the NLC, the union appealed to the state government to implement the minimum wage in line with the federal government workers. The celebration which was witness and fully represented by officials of the state government including the state governor who promised to fullfil it appeal by paying the 40,000 as minimum wage to it workers.

In line with the promise made , the Governor has paid workers their May salaries and pensioners, reflecting the new wage increase. These publication was made in a statement released by the secretary to Edo state government, Osarodion Ogie.

The state secretary said the Governor Mr Godwin Obaseki approved the payment of retirees, pensioners and workers salaries in the month of May with the increase of the new 40,000.

This was in fulfillment with the promise and statutory obligation to worker’s which shows a reflection of the governor’s expert and judicious management of the state resources. The state secretary to the Edo Government also said the Governor had on workers day celebration announced the increment of the minimum wage in the state from 30,000 to 40,000 , nothing that the increase was necessary to help workers overcome the current state of the country with  overbearing economic challenges which have caused galloping inflation among other social economic dislocation.

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