Migrate To Canada With less Stress

How To Migrate Into Canada Without Stress

Canada is well known as one of the best developed country in the world. However, these is as a result of the positive sides that comes with being a resident in Canada or as a Canadian citizen.

Settling in Canada, there are quite  numbers of opportunities that comes with being able to migrate to Canada from your current country of residence, more Especially if you are migrating to Canada from a developing country.

When it comes to migrating from one country to another, not every country is favorable for immigrants. However, Canada on the other hand, can be as fascinating and impressive as it sounds, being able to migrate to Canada is very easy only if you know the right ways to follow.

This post is particularly for people who are seeking to immigrate to Canada. we’ve over time, talked on a few ways to migrate to Canada temporarily and permanently, we’ve decided to give other few options available.

These includes;

 Study Permit

It is on record that Canada has one of the best universities in the world. As such, looking for the best school to study, you can consider Canada as it offers quality education.

Migrating to Canada through study permit is said to be one of the easy ways you can migrate to Canada, all that is required is for you to know and get the right information and steps to take.

With a study permit, you can study in the country and also have the chance to live and work in Canada while studying.

If during the course of your studying in Canada, you get a long term job then you can further apply for tour permanent residency VISA.

It is best recommend to read on How To Study In Canada As An International Student before embarking on the course or journey

Visitor VISA

Here Visitor Visa is another way you can migrate to Canada just as this name implies, this has to do with entering Canada using a Visitor VISA as a visitor.

With this kind of VISA, you are not allowed to do anything aside from tourism. You cannot find a job using this type of visa neither are you allowed to work with it. Also with the Visitor visa, you are allowed to network and meet people in the country.

 Spousal Sponsorship

spousal sponsorship deals, is basically for those that are legally married to someone with Canadian citizenship.

Over this years, people have had to abuse this method hence, there’s been a few guidelines to better curb any fraudulent act/ activities regarding towards this method.

The Canadian immigration will closely look at you and your spouse for a period of 2 years before signing off papers to authenticate your marriage. This is done to prefer people from faking marriage just to gain entry into Canada.

 Working Holiday Visa Canada

This is quite similar to the international experience Canada process explained above.

The CIC which is known as Citizenship and Immigration Canada, offers opportunities to migrates from around the world the chance to work in Canada for up to two years. Here,  Qualified candidates can work in any Canadian province and for any Canadian employer as well.

The most interesting part of this is that the working Holiday Visa in Canada is the fact that the program does not require a job offer to qualify. However, in course of this . it is expected  that foreign workers, students and other individuals from different countries of the world meet basic requirements.

This type of work permit will therefore not allow you to work in certain fields like healthcare or with children. Reason being, medical exam is not required. There is also a government processing fee of $150 CAD.

 Super VISA

You can immigrate to Canada is through this Super VISA. This type of visa is particularly for parents and grandparents.

There are requirements for which you can be able to apply for this entry process. For one, you must be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. It is also expected you  have a signed letter from your child or grandchild who is inviting you to Canada.



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