Putin To Launch Ballistic missiles

World in shock over president Putin’s comment

President Putin of Russia had over the weekend threatened that Russia is yet to launch it lastest ballistic missile which they entend to do at the end of the year .

Mr Putin however says that the missile will be able to reach the great Britain in a couple of three minutes if sent.

President Putin made this known at the honoring event ceremony of the Russian military Academies graduate where he promised that the Russian military is fully determined to restore all that was depleted by losses in Ukraine.

President Putin therefore congratulated the Russian military in Ukraine for their self confidence and determination in fighting for what is right with courage and dedication toward the display of professionalism which he (Putin) describe as “True Heros”. Putin further assure that he will continue to protect every Russian, develop and strengthen the military and every institutions of the state in the light of any future threats that may arise.

The Russian president also disclose that his administration and government will pull its first intercontinental Ballistic missiles which is known as “sarmat” into combat duty before the end of the year.

The Russian missile which is being refer to Satan ll, covers a wide range of about 18,000 kilometers which is over 11,000 miles and can deliver up to 10 to 15 nuclear warheads at a very high speed at the same time can avoid most radar and missile defense system.

A Russia’s commander of strategic missile force , colonel – General Sergei Karakayevi has some time last month on a television program stated that the sarmat missiles may fly multiple trajectories to evade enemy missiles defense.

general Sergei said, there is now no air defense for the sarmat missile systems and it may likely not exit in the next coming decades.

president putin boast that the Russian S-500 missile defense system are unmatched in the whole world. Dimity Kiselyov who is an Executive at the Russian State Television has easily disclosed that the Russia might sink Britain with a nuclear missile strike that will generate and create radioactive tsunami.

Kiselyov also show some generated image and demonstrated on how Russian poseidon torpedo might drown Britain in depth of sea. it could be recall in the month of April when violence escalated in Ukraine, Russia successfully tested sarmat which highlighted the Spector of a nuclear confrontation with the west.

Dmitry Rogozin who is a close supporter of president Putin had called sarmat the most powerful nuclear missile in the world which he said could destroy half of a coast of a continent if used.

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