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About Lavida Limited

Lavida is one of the fastest and leading travelling company/ agency that provide client with quality service delivery to different countries of it choice without much delay not much protocol.

Lavida Travels Limited alos provide client the opportunity to equally gain employment in his respected state of migration with nice accommodation without undergoing much stress.

In Africa, particularly Nigeria and Cameroon, Lavida agency stand to be the most trusted company with an outstanding reputation in quality service in respect to travelling.

Lavida Travels Limited is said to also have a well organized system, well registered with the Nigeria cooperate Affairs Commission ( CAC) and is a well known Tax paying company in Nigeria as well as Cameroon Branch.

services offers by Lavida Travels Limited company includes:

In course of traveling, Lavida helps to present it client curriculum vitae (CV) in line with it’s Academic Qualifications.

Give a three (3) months Bank statement,

Medical Travels insurance and

Police clearance certificate.

procedure to obtain a Schengen work visa or Visa to work.

Before the company make wish to carry out any action/ activities in respect to it client demands , he or she may obtain the following.

Pay a fee for the preparation of an ATS which simply means (Applicant Tracking System)

The Applicant pay for police clearance certificate in any of the the police Authorities in their respective country.

The Applicant pays for a one year medical travel insurance through the company or to any designated insurance company at their own cost.

Applicant is required to obtain a Months bank statement from his bank before submitting it to the embassy.

The cost to be paid to Lavida for the Visa alone without a fight tickets is stated on the flyer.

Lavida would obtain employment contract, work permit, accommodation from employer upon the completion of these, then proceed with original documents to submit to the Embassy along with it client passports where necessary at the nearest country if the embassy is not found in their countries.

Applicant who desire a blocked funds procedure should note that blocked funds for all Schengen visa is at a promotional price of 3million Naira or 3.5 CFA.

Agreement would be prepared to protect the terms of the contract and transaction..

some of the country/ States Lavida Travels Limited/operate includes, 

Poland, Lithuania, Serbia, Hungary, Czech , Canada, United States, England, South Africa, United Kingdom, Republic & Croatia etc.

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