Guide on African Food

African meal

Are you an African who fines it very difficult to prepare an African dishes .

However , looking for authentic African meal that will make you feel at home , your family, friends and Associates .

Africa is one of the most culturally diverse continent in the world with a lot of Arts and Religion.

Africa is also said to have many different ethnic groups and languages which is well recognize and approved by relevant Authorities within the continent.

These multi diverse languages drives and let to different African delicious mouth watering dishes .

Here you will learn how to make and prepare an African local meals such as Goat meat stew/ soup.

Goat meat stew

This is one of the African popular recipe which contains a smacking delicacy in many African Homes .

These Goat meat stew combines an excellent taste and nutritious meal which helps to improve whatever that is paired .

The African Goat meat is one of the best local meat in African traditional occasion particularly Nigeria

Goat meat boasts complex flavours and goes well with any kind of dishes.

How to make soup with Goat meat:

Goat meat can be used to make soup with the following directions and observation.

First you boil your meat and add your nice spices such as salt, pepper, Maggi , onnios etc and allow to to boil for about 5 to 10 minis.

After boiling for some minis you then add cups of waters inside the cooking pot depending on the quality or quatity of food soup you desire or wish to prepare, after which you put the pot on your cooking gas and put the goat meat inside the pot then cover.

Allow the water inside the pot to boil for 5 to 10 mins and after which you put other soup items such as fish, crefish, snails, prewinco etc.

You allow the items to boil and mixed up it different taste, allow the water to boil for 10mins and then add your local red oil, add additional Maggie and additional salt to get the real taste, add your local ofor or achi to get some thickness, after which you cover and then monitor the boiling process.

Lastly you add your vegetables if any or need be, you taste again to cross check if the taste is okay by you then you bring down the pot of soup for consumption.

How does the Goat Meat taste like?

Goat meat had been severally compared to that of lamb meat which had similar look but different taste and smell .

However , Goat meat taste more deliciously gamey and is mostly prefer than that of lamb meat.

Health otherwise of Goat meat:

Goat meat is one of the Healthiest meat around the world.

It is is very rich , healthy and gluten free. Most people do not appreciate greatly on goat meat but fail to understand that it has a lower calories and more protein and iron than beef / cow meat.

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